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LAST UPDATED - 6.16.14

TRADING STATUS - Re-opened For Trades!

Welcome to my Musicals Trading Site! Here you can browse my collection of Videos of Musicals from Broadway, the West End and many more! Hopefully you will find something you like! I hope you enjoy and I hope that I can help spread around these gems that I've found. 

You can contact me at my email : 

Please read my rules, basically they're common sense, and I will try to help everyone who contacts me (within the constraints of human ability, e.g I have a life and don't answer emails instantly), since we are all just trying to help each other out! I am very keen to help people who are new to trading and I will always try to find something from someone's list that interests me, please don't abuse this.



1 - I NEVER involve in the selling or purchase of any videos / DVDs / Playbills
2 - Be polite in your first e-mail, if you're rude then you shouldn't expect anything
3 - Don't tell me what I can have from your list, it takes all the fun out of browsing!
4 - I reserve the right to deny you anything that you choose from my list
5 - Please don't expect to me to respond to emails instantly, wait 24 hours
6 - I will make an effort to find something from your list that I want


NOTE: I do not sell any of these videos for money, nor will I EVER be inclined to purchase any. And for the benefit of anyone representing law enforcement or pretending to be law enforcement, or indeed not to be, I feel obligated to point out that I have not participated in the recording of these videos, and I do not acquire money from them. Also, the exchanging of URL's online is certainly not illegal.