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[Title of Show]   Broadway    7.6.08

Susan Blackwell, Hunter Bell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Jeff Bowen, Larry Pressgrove

A++     VOB

A clear capture with great closeups, blackouts in the first 13 minutes 

110 in the Shade    Broadway     17.04.07

Audra McDonald, John Cullum, Chris Butler, Carla Duren, Christopher Innvar  

A        VOB 

Audra gives a flawless performance in this dazzling show, a strong and vivid capture

13 the Musical     Broadway    12.29.08

Graham Phillips, Allie Trimm, Eric M. Nelson, Delaney Moro, Al Calderon, Aaron Simon Gross

A+       VOB

Great quality DVD of this show, with minimal washout and only occasional obstructions

Spelling Bee    Chicago    6.28.06

Julius Thomas III (u/s), Bill Larkin, Cristen Paige, Eric Roediger, Lucia Spina, Derrick Trumbly

A++      VOB

A clear and colourful capture of this quirky little show, with great closeups 


42nd Street     Broadway   4.21.01

Michael Cumpsty, Christine Ebersole, Beth Leavel (u/s), Michael Arnold, David Elder

A         VOB

A colourful, but slightly hazy capture of the broadway revival towards the beginning of its run 

9 to 5: The Dolly Parton musical
    LA     09.13.08

Alison Janney, Megan Hilty, Stephanie J. Block 

A--      VOB

Some Lengthy Blackout moments but fantastic performances from three leading ladies


9 to 5: The Dolly Parton Musical

Alison Janney, Megan Hilty, Stephanie J Block, Mark Kudisch, Ann Harada

A++    VOB

Unobstructed, much sharper, the final out of town performance, very well received

9 to 5: The Musical    Broadway    4.11.09

Alison Janney, Megan Hilty, Stephanie J Block, Mark Kudisch, Ann Harada

A++     VOB

Unobstructed, with some brilliant closeups and brilliant performances

9 to 5: The Musical   Broadway    Closing Night 

Alison Janney, Megan Hilty, Stephanie J. Block, Mark Kudisch, Ann Harada 

A++    VOB

A fantastic performance with an amazing audience reception for the final broadway performance 

9 to 5   Tour    11.6.10

Dee Hoty,  Diana DeGarmo, Mamie Parris

A++   VOB

Fantastic performances, radically different interpretations, a really fantastic capture 


9 to 5    
Tour - Costa Mesa    5.14.11 

Dee Hoty, Diana DeGarmo, Mamie Parris

A+       VOB

A slightly hazy capture with more clarity and better closeups 


9 to 5       
UK Tour       2013

Amy Lennox, Jackie Clune, Natalie Casey, Bonnie Langford, Mark Willshire, Marlon Moore (u/s)

A+++       VOB

A solid capture of this show's UK premiere, a great cast for this national tour

The Addams Family
 Chicago Preview  12/27/09

Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth, Terrence Mann, Original Broadway Cast

A+         VOB

Significantly different from the eventual broadway production, occasionally hazy in quality

The Addams Family Broadway 3/12/10

Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth, Krysta Rodriguez, Terrence Mann, Jackie Hoffman, Kevin Chamberlain

A++       VOB

Very funny show, crisp capture with some heads to film around 

The Addams Family   Broadway   11.30.11

Brooke Shields, Roger Rees, Rachel Potter, Heidi Blickenstaff, Adam Riegler, Jackie Hoffman

 A++      VOB

A great capture of the replacement cast, great to see Brooke back on broadway as Morticia

The Addams Family  
1st National Tour   2011

Douglas Sills, Sara Gettelfinger, Crista Moore, Blake Hammond, Cortney Wolfson

A+++     VOB

Completely clear and central capture of the tour, improved from the Broadway version

The Addams Family   National Tour   July 2012

Douglas Sills, Christy Morton (u/s), Cortney Wolfson, Blake Hammond, Gaelen Gilliland, Brian Justin Crum

A+++    VOB

A clear, crisp and bright capture of the US Tour, more closeups and more colourful than the above


The Addams Family    
National Tour   12.30.12

Douglas Sills, Sara Gettelfinger, Cortney Wolfson, Gaelen Gilliland, Jonathan Ritter (u/s)

A+    VOB 

A brilliantly clear two disc capture of the tour in Costa Mesa, slightly fuzzy, more so in the first act

Aida      Original Broadway Cast

Heather Headley, Sherie Rene Scott, Adam Pascal

B+     VOB

Very colourful and often extremely sharp, but with frequent obstruction and slightly muffled sound 

Aida      Broadway

Idina Menzel, Maya Diggs, Matt Bogart

A        VOB

Great to see Idina belting out this great role, crisper capture, slightly fuzzy


Aida    US National Tour   11.18.01

Simone, Patrick Cassidy, Kelli Fournier

A-     VOB 

Few closeups, great colour and limited obstructions 


Toronto    11.3.13 

Adam Jacobs, James Monroe Iglehart, Courtney Reed, Jonathan Freeman, Brian Gonzales

A++     VOB

A great, colourful, two disc capture of this show's pre-broadway engagement 

American Idiot  
Berkeley  10.4.2009

John Gallagher Jr, Michael Esper, Matt Caplan, Christina Sajous, Mary Faber, Tony Vincent

A++    VOB

Brilliant capture, great blend of closeups and full stage shots

American Idiot   Broadway   7.28,10

John Gallagher Jr, Michael Esper, Stark Sands, Josh Kobak (u/s), Rebecca Naomi Jones, Libby Winters (u/s)

A+++   VOB

A great capture of the groundbreaking show, brilliant closeups 


The Anarchist     Broadway   11.14.12

Patti LuPone, Debra Winger 

A+++   VOB

A perfect, clear and crisp capture of this somewhat exasperating two woman play 

Annie       Broadway Revival       10.3.12

Lilla Crawford, Katie Finneran, Anthony Warlow, Merwin Foard, Clarke Thorell, J. Elaine Marcos

A+++      VOB

A crystal clear and bright capture, limited closeups but a perfect filming of this revival

Annie    Broadway Revival     10.15.12

Lilla Crawford, Katie Finneran, Anthony Warlow, Merwin Foard, Clarke Thorell, J. Elaine Marcos

A++++       VOB

A crisp, colourful capture with great closeups, great performances in this revival

Broadway Revival    July 2013

Jane Lynch, Lilla Crawford, Clarke Thorell, Anthony Warlow, Merwin Foard, J. Elaine Marcos 

A+++     VOB

A clear and crisp capture of this new production, Jane is hilarious as Miss Hannigan 

Annie Get Your Gun

Patti LuPone, Peter Gallagher, George Hearn

A         VOB

A good capture of the show, Patti does a great job in the title role

Annie Get Your Gun     
 Broadway Revival

Bernadette Peters, Tom Wopat

A-      VOB

A solid capture with outstanding closeups, and lower quality in the second act, Bernadette is radiant


Annie Get Your Gun    
Broadway   5.15.01

Reba McIntire, Brent Barrett

A-     VOB

A clear and bright capture with some washout and occasional obstruction


Anything Goes    Broadway    1988

Patti LuPone, Howard McGillin, Boyd Gaines, Michael McGrath, Linda Hart

C+       VOB 

A poor capture of this great revival, few closeups, but very bright

Anything Goes     
Broadway Revival     4.3.11

Sutton Foster, Laura Osnes, Colin Donnell, Joel Grey, Adam Godley, John McMartin 

A+++   VOB

A very crisp capture, good mix of closeups and wide shots, Sutton is outstanding 

Anything Goes   Broadway Revival    11.15.11

Stephanie J. Block, Colin Donnell, Erin Mackey, Joel Grey, John McMartin, Kelly Bishop, Adam Godley

A+++      VOB

The best capture of this revival, great closeups and vivid colour throughout

Anything Goes  
Broadway Revival    11.19.11

Stephanie J. Block, Colin Donnell, Erin Mackey, Joel Grey, John McMartin, Kelly Bishop, Adam Godley

A++     VOB

Another fantastic capture of the show, some obstructions but very clear, Stephanie is great

Anything Goes    National Tour    11.30.12

Rachel York, Fred Applegate, Erich Bergen, Alex Finke, Sandra Shipley

A+++     VOB

A slightly hazy, but clear, colourful and unobstructed capture of the divine Rachel York in this show


The Audience      West End     13.6.13

Dame Helen Mirren, Michael Elwyn, Edward Fox, Haydn Gywne, Richard McCabe, Nathaniel Parker

PRO            FLV

An outstanding, high definition capture of a magnificent National Theatre broadcast

August: Osage County    
Broadway   12.14.07

Deanna Dunagan, Amy Morton, Dennis Letts, Ian Barford, Francis Guinan

A+       VOB

A clear, occasionally fuzzy capture with some excellent closeups of this extensive production

Avenue Q
   Original Broadway Cast

John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Ann Harada, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Rick Lyon

A+       VOB

The perfect cast, the quality is fantastic, unobstructed and with frequent closeups

Avenue Q  
West End   January 2010

Cassidy Janson, Daniel Boys, Edward Baruwa, Christopher Fry, Rachel Jerram


Hilarious cast, Cassidy is a force of nature as both puppets, clear and unobstructed, occasionally shaky

Beautiful    San Francisco    10.9.13

Jessie Mueller, Jake Epstein, Jarrod Spector, Anika Larsen, Kevin Duda

A++       VOB

A bright and clear, though slightly blurred capture of this brilliant heartwarming show


The Best Man      Broadway     6.20.12

John Larroquette, Candice Bergen, Kerry Butler, Angela Lansbury, James-Earl Jones

A+++       VOB 

A crisp, clear capture of this great play with a spectacular all-star cast 

The Best Little Whorehouse    Broadway   1978

Carlin Glynn, Henderson Forsythe, Delores Hall, Pamela Blair

B+       VOB 

A colourful and unobstructed capture, clearly hazy and with infrequent zooms


Big Fish      Chicago      May 2013

Norbert Leo Butz, Kate Baldwin, Bobby Steggert, Brad Oscar, Krystal Joy Brown, Katie Thompson

A++         VOB

Infrequent closeups, but a clear and bright capture of this beautiful and beloved show 

Billy Elliot     Broadway     11.15.08

Trent Kowalik, Haydn Gwyne, Greg Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Leah Hocking

A++       VOB

A brilliant capture of an amazing show, the original cast are stunning here 

Billy Elliot   Chicago    3.27.10

Emily Skinner, Tommy Batchelor, Blake Hammond, Armand Schultz, Cynthia Darlow

A++       VOB 

A fantastic, clear capture of this great show, Emily is a powerhouse as always 

Blithe Spirit      Broadway     7.15.09

Angela Lansbury, Rupert Everett, Christine Ebersole, Jayne Atkinson, Deborah Rush, Simon Jones

A-        VOB

A slightly zoomed out and occasionally dark capture of this riotously funny farce 

Blood Brothers     London    March 2010

Melanie C, Vivienna Carlyle, Philip Stewart, Stephen Palfreman, Richard Reynard

A++        VOB

A clear and crisp capture with many closeups, Mel C is brilliant in the role


Blood Brothers
  2010 UK Tour

Niki Evans, Robbie Scotcher

A++     VOB

A little dark, but an outstanding performance from Niki, no obstruction, very crisp


Blood Brothers    
London   10.20.12

Vivienne Carlyle, Abigail Jaye, Phillip Stewart, Mark Rice Oxley, Paul Christopher

A+++     VOB

The best capture of this extraordinary show, very near to the end of its long London run


Boeing Boeing    
Broadway    4.19.08

Bradley Whitford, Mark Rylance, Christine Baranski, Gina Gershon, Mark McCormack

A+++      VOB

An excellent capture of this riotous farce with great closeups 


Bonnie & Clyde   Broadway 11.9.11

Laura Osnes, Jeremy Jordan, Claybourne Elder, Melissa Van Der Schiff, Louis Hobson

A++        VOB  

A very clear capture with perfect sound and limited obstruction 

The Book of Mormon   3.1.11

Andrew Rannells, Josh Gad, Nikki M. James, Rory O'Malley


Odd picture size, slightly hazy but less obstructed than the below capture 

The Book of Mormon   3.7.11

Andrew Rannells, Josh Gad, Nikki M. James, Rory O'Malley 

A+       VOB

Occasional wandering, slightly dim, otherwise a solid capture of a preview performance 

The Book of Mormon     US Tour   2012

Gavin Creel, Jared Gertner, Samantha Marie Ware, Derek Williams, Kevin Mambo

A+         VOB

A clear and bright, though slightly fuzzy capture of this brilliant cast


The Book of Mormon    Broadway   November 2012

KJ Hippensteel (u/s), Cale Krise, Nikki M James, Rory O'Malley, Michael Potts

A-       VOB 

The clearest, crispest capture of this production, but shot from the rear stalls with some obstructions


The Book of Mormon   Chicago    December 2012

Nic Roleau, Ben Platt, Syesha Mercado, Pierce Cassedy, James Vincent Meredith

A++       VOB

A brilliantly clear, crisp and perfect capture of this production

The Book of Mormon    
West End    May 2013

Gavin Creel, Daniel Buckley (s/b), Alexia Khadime, Stephen Ashfield, Giles Terera, Ashley Day

A+       VOB

A clear and bright capture shot from the front of the stalls, some washout and obstruction 

Breakfast at Tiffany's    
Broadway    3.9.13

Emilia Clark, Cory Michael Smith, George Wendt, James Yaegashi, Suzanne Bertish

A++++    VOB

A stunning, perfectly clear high definition capture from the side stalls

The Bridges of Madison County    Broadway   2014

Kelli O'Hara, Steve Pasquale, Hunter Foster, Derek Klena

A++      VOB

A beautiful capture of this gorgeous production, some obstruction occasionally 


Bring it On       
Broadway      10.24.12

Taylor Louderman, Adrienne Warren, Ariana DeBose, Jason Gotay, Gregory Haney, Janet Krupin

A++            VOB

A clear and crisp capture of this lively and energetic show, some minor obstructions

Bye Bye Birdie     Broadway    9.16.09

Allie Trimm, Dee Hoty, John Stamos, Gina Gershon, Jayne Houdyshell

A++      VOB

A clear and crisp, somewhat dark capture of the roundabout revival

San Diego   8/6/00

Kate Shindle, Alma Cuervo, Jay Goede, Jon Peterson

A-      VOB

A clear and slightly dark capture of this brilliant production on tour, Kate sounds amazing 

Broadway     3/29/03

Neil Patrick Harris, Deborah Gibson, Tom Bosley, Mariette Hartley

B++       VOB

A dated, but colourful and clear capture of this brilliant revival, Neil is an excellent emcee 

Cabaret     Broadway    Final Matinee

Susan Egan, Adam Pascal

B+             WMV      *SEEKING VOB LINKS*

Very edgy and dark broadway show, quite washed out. Susan Egan is fantastic, Adam Pascal is great


West End     11.4.06

Anna Maxwell Martin, Michael Hayden, Sheila Hancock, Harriet Thorpe, James Dreyfuss

A++      VOB

A sharp and clear capture of this dark, sexy revival, features nudity

Cabaret      UK Tour     9.27.08

Samantha Barks, Matt Zimmerman, Wayne Sleep, Jenny Logan

B++     VOB

Highlights only, somewhat shaky, but a clear and bright capture

Cabaret      Broadway Revival     3.29.14

Michelle Williams, Leeds Hill (u/s), Linda Emond, Danny Burstein, Bill Heck

A+++      VOB

The best capture of this production, a stunning recording of this return engagement

Candide    Washington DC    1/11

Geoff Packard, Lauren Molina, Hollis Resnick, Larry Yellund

A+++    MP4

A perfect, almost proshot capture of this perfect production, exquisite 

Caroline, or Change     Broadway     7.24.04

Tonya Pinkins, Anika Noni Rose, Veanne Cox, Chandra Wilson, Alice Playten, Larry Keith

A+           VOB 

A great, clear and crisp capture of this masterful production, Tonya is showstopping

Carousel     NYC Concert    6.6.02

Hugh Jackman, Audra McDonald, Norbert Leo Butz, Judy Kaye, Jason Danieley, Lauren Ward, Blythe Danner

A-        VOB

A hazy but bright capture of this superbly cast concert, Audra and Hugh are excellent

UK Tour     2012

Eric Greene, Gillene Herbert, Claire Boulter, Candida Benson, Elena Ferrari, Alex Newton

A+++    VOB

A stunning, crisp capture of this beautiful tour 


Carousel   Lincoln Center Concert   2013

Kelli O'Hara, Nathan Gunn, Jessie Mueller, Stephanie Blythe, Jason Danieley, John Cullum

PRO          FLV

A brilliantly cast, semi-staged concert version of this beautiful classic show

Carrie     Off-Broadway    2.4.12

Molly Ranson, Marin Mazzie, Carmen Cusack, Ben Thomspon, Christy Altomare, Jenanna De Waal

A+        VOB 

Bright and sharp, but with occasional obstructions, Molly and Marin give strong performances

Carrie       Seattle      10.16.13

Alice Ripley, Keaton Whittacker, Kendra Kassebaum, Larissa Schmitz

A+       VOB

A great, atmospheric recording of this chilling production, Alice gives a brilliant rendition of 'Eve was weak'

Catch me if you Can    
Seattle    8.4.09

Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, Tom Wopat, Rachel de Benedet, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart

A+++      VOB

Slightly crisper than the below capture, another great capture of the out of town tryout 

Catch me if you Can    Seattle Tryout    8.15.09

Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, Tom Wopat, Rachel de Benedet, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart 

A+      VOB

A few differences from the eventual broadway transfer, very colourful with great performances 


Catch me if you Can      Broadway  4.27.11

Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, Tom Wopat, Kerry Butler, Rachel de Benedet, Linda Hart

A++       VOB

A crisp capture with great colour and very few obstructions 


A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof    Broadway    1.1.13

Scarlett Johansson, Benjamin Walker, Ciaran Hinds, Debra Monk, Emily Bergl

A+++     VOB

A colourful, bright and crisp capture of this unfortunately short lived revival, Scarlett is stunning 

Cats      St Louis  7.25.10

Stephanie J. Block, Ken Page 


A hazy and sometimes distant capture, Stephanie is great as Grizabella


Original Broadway Cast    8.22.12

Rob McClure, Jenn Colella, Christianne Noll, Erin Mackey, Michael McCormick 

A++++   VOB

A beautiful capture of a gorgeous show, excellent captures and perfect clarity 

Chess     2010   UK Tour

Shona White, James Fox, Daniel Koek, Poppy Tierney

A+       VOB

Great show, great capture, a knockout performance from Shona White 

Chicago        West End      8.14.03

Linzi Hateley, Ruthie Henshall

B++        VOB

Great closeups, but frequent obstruction, not a fantastic capture, but Ruthie makes a great Velma

Chicago   West End     13.6.01

Denise Van Outen, Leigh Zimmerman, Michael Simkins, Susannah Fellows

A         VOB

Some camera wandering and obstruction, and slightly hazy, but otherwise not a bad capture

Chicago   Broadway  5.10.04

Pia Douwes, Belle Calaway, Tom Wopat, PJ Benjamin

A         VOB

Pia is perfect as Velma, Belle is adorable in this sleek broadway classic, has some heads to film around

Chicago     Broadway      9.17.05

Brooke Shields, Debra Monk, Luba Mason, Christopher McDonald, PJ Benjamin

A+       VOB

Missing Mr Cellophane, otherwise a great, unobstructed capture 


Milawaukee     5.12.07

Terra C MacLeod, Michelle DeJean, Tom Wopat, Carol Woods, R Bean, Kevin Mccready

A++        VOB

One of the strongest captures of this sleek show, clear and bright

Chicago       West End      3.27.08

Frances Ruffelle, Alex Bourne, Zee Asha

A++         VOB

Some obstructions, but some great closeups in this brilliant capture from the London run

Chicago       Hollywood Bowl     7.26.13

Ashlee Simpson, Samantha Barks, Stephen Moyer, Drew Carey, Lucy Lawless

A-         VOB

A bright and clear capture, though hazy and harmed by its large distance from the stage, Sam is a great Velma

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang    
Broadway   4.16.05

Raul Ésparza, Erin Dilly, Jan Maxwell, Marc Kudisch, Chip Zien

A+         VOB

A hazy, but colourful capture of this show, Jan and Marc are hilarious

A Chorus Line  
Broadway   9/1986

Donna Mckechnie's triumphant return to the show

B+      VOB

Few closeups, a slightly dated capture of this spectacular production 


A Chorus Line   Broadway Revival    9.30.06

Michael Berresse, Charlotte D'Amboise, Deidre Goodwin, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Tony Yazbeck

A++     VOB

A crisp and unobstructed capture of the show, with a good blend of closeups and wide shots


A Chorus Line   Broadway Revival    11.5.08

Mario Lopez, Jessica Lea Patty (u/s), Deidre Goodwin, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Will Taylor, James T. Lane

B+       VOB

Unfortunate and mildly irritating obstruction, but truly beautiful capture at times  

A Chorus Line    
Broadway Revival     8.17.08

Jessica Lee Goldyn, Nick Adams, Mario Lopez, James T Lane, Heather Parcells, Deirdre Goodwin

A++          VOB

Occasionally fuzzy, but a great quality capture with some stunning closeups 

A Christmas Story      Broadway    11.7.12

John Bolton, Dan Lauria, Erin Dilly, Johnny Rabe, Caroline O'Connor, Joe West

A+++        VOB

A clear, bright and colourful capture of this charming family show, an excellent score and cast

Cinderella       Broadway       3.2.13

Laura Osnes, Victoria Clark, Santino Fontana, Ann Harada, Harriet Harris, Marla Mindelle

A+++        VOB

A brilliant, crisp capture of this gorgeous show, small obstruction at the beginning 

Cinderella      Broadway     3.13.13

Laura Osnes, Victoria Clark, Santino Fontana, Ann Harada, Harriet Harris, Marla Mindelle


A less obstructed, beautifully clear and crisp capture of this charming show


Clybourne Park    Broadway    8.29.12

Sarah Goldberg, Brendan Griffin, Jeremy Shamos

A      VOB

A mostly stationary but very clear, bright and unobstructed capture of this brilliant play 


The Color Purple    
US Tour    4.22.07

LaToya London, Michelle Williams, Felicia Fields, Jeanette Bayardelle, Stu James

A++      VOB

A clear and colourful capture of this great show, with some great closeups 

Coriolanus      West End      2014

Tom Hiddleston, Deborah Findlay, Hadley Fraser, Mark Gatiss, Helen Schlesinger

PRO      VOB

An outstanding capture from the National Theatre Live streaming of this intense production 

Cry Baby       
Broadway       6.22.08

Elizabeth Stanley, James Snyder, Harriet Sansom Harris, Alli Mauzey

A+++           VOB

A brilliantly high quality capture of the show's closing night performance 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 

Luke Treadaway, Nicola Walker, Niamk Cusack

PRO        VOB 

A perfect, professionally recorded capture of this brilliant play from National Theatre Live

Damn Yankees      Encores     7.5.08

Jane Krakowski, Cheyenne Jackson, Sean Hayes, Randy Graff, Megan Lawrence, PJ Benjamin

A+++       VOB

A terrific, fully staged production of this classic broadway show 

Dance of the Vampires     Broadway   1.25.03

Michael Crawford, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Liz McCartney, Leah Hocking, Asa Somers

A+         VOB

A clear capture for the closing performance of this legendary flop 

Dead Accounts     Broadway    11.5.12

Katie Holmes, Norbert Leo Butz, Judy Greer, Jayne Houdyshell

A++     VOB

A crystal clear and crisp capture of this great play

Death Takes a Holiday   Off-Broadway   8.2.11

Julian Ovenden / Kevin Earley (u/s), Rebecca Luker, Max Von Essen, Matt Cavenaugh

A+           VOB

Completely sharp and unobstructed, few zooms, Julian's understudy goes on after the first scene 


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels    Broadway    2.26.05

John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Sherie Rene Scott, Joanna Gleason, Greg Jbara, Sara Gettelfinger

A+++     VOB

An excellent capture of a brilliant show


Original Off-Broadway Production

Lindsay Mendez, Derek Klena, Annaleigh Ashford

A++++        VOB

A stunning, high definition capture of this off-broadway gem, a great coming of age show


Do You Hear the People Sing?  

Lea Salonga, Stephanie J Block, Terrence Mann, Peter Lockyer, Marie Zamora

A++       VOB

A great concert featuring the music of Boublil and Schondberg

Driving Miss Daisy    Broadway    11.13.10

Vanessa Redgrave, James-Earl Jones, Boyd Gaines

A+       VOB

A clear, bright and colourful, but slightly washed out capture of this touching play

The Mystery of Edwin Drood  Original Broadway Cast

Betty Buckley, Cleo Laine, George Rose, Donna Murphy (u/s), Judy Kaye, Howard McGillin

B        VOB

A dark picture, sharp, but with some discoloration, Betty is remarkable as the title role


The Mystery of Edwin Drood     10.23.12

Stephanie J Block, Betsy Wolfe, Will Chase, Chita Rivera, Jessie Mueller, Andy Karl, Peter Benson

A++++   VOB

A completely perfect capture of an outstanding revival, hilarious and brilliant 


The Mystery of Edwin Drood     3.10.13

Stephanie J Block, Erin Davie, Andrew Samonsky, Jessie Mueller, Chita Rivera, Will Chase

A+++    VOB

A spectacular capture of the closing performance of this hilarious and brilliant revival 


The Drowsy Chapperone    Broadway    5.20.06

Sutton Foster, Bob Martin, Danny Burstein, Beth Leavel, Eddie Korbich 

A++       VOB

A quaint and camp little show, with tony winning performances and the incredible Sutton Foster


The Drowsy Chapperone    London Rehearsal

Elaine Paige, Summer Strallen, Bob Martin, John Partridge

A       VOB

A very bright and colourful capture of the dress rehearsal for this show


End of the Rainbow    Minneapolis   1.29.12

Tracie Bennett, Michael Cumpsty, Tom Pelphrey

A++        VOB

A fantastic capture of Tracie's unstoppable performance as Judy Garland, a great capture 

Everyday Rapture   Pre-Broadway    4.29.10

Sherie Rene Scott, Eamon Foley, Betsy Wolfe, Lindsay Mendez

A++      VOB

Sherie gives an outstanding performance in this glitzy and occasionally deeply personal show

Everyday Rapture      

Sherie Rene Scott, Eamon Foley, Betsy Wolfe, Lindsay Mendez

A+      VOB

A slightly more dim capture, but an even more exuberant performance from Sherie in this great show

Evita      2006 West End Revival     

Elena Roger, Matt Rawle, Phillip Quast, Greg Castiglioni


Great capture of the show on its final performance in the West End, with great performances 

Evita     2011 UK Tour

Natalie Langston, Mark Heenehan, Mark Powell

A++     VOB

A fantastic capture of the UK Tour, Natalie is a great Alternate Eva


Evita       Broadway Revival     3.14.12

Elena Roger, Ricky Martin, Max Von Essen, Rachel Potter, Michael Cerveris

A+++    VOB

A stunning capture of this gorgeous and atmospheric revival 


Evita     Broadway Revival    8.13.12

Christina DeCicco (u/s), Michael Cerveris, Max Von Essen, Rachel Potter, Ricky Martin

A+++  VOB

Another great capture of this beautiful revival, completely unobstructed 

Evita    Broadway Revival    8.15.12

Jessica Lea Patty (u/s), Michael Cerveris, Max Von Essen, Rachel Potter, Ricky Martin

A++++   VOB

The best capture of this revival, constantly clear and crisp  


Fiddler on the Roof     Broadway     2.28.04

Alfred Molina, Randy Graff, Nancy Opel, Laura Michelle Kelly, Sally Murphy, Lea Michele

A-        VOB

A clear and bright, but very hazy capture


Fiddler on the Roof    Broadway    1.8.05

Harvey Fierstein, Andrea Martin

A       VOB

A very beautiful revival of this broadway trinket, visually stunning

Finian's Rainbow      Broadway  10.24.09

Kate Baldwin, Cheyenne Jackson, Christopher Fitzgerald

A         VOB

Crisp and clear capture of this bright and colourful show with no obstructions

Funny Girl   Actor's Fund Concert   9.23.02

Whoopi Goldberg, Sutton Foster, Peter Gallagher, Idina Menzel, Andrea Martin, Julia Murney

A        VOB 

A fantastic capture of this concert with a brilliant host of cameos from great actresses