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Sondheim Videos

Anyone Can Whistle  
90s Concert

Bernadette Peters, Scott Bakula, Madeline Kahn, Angela Lansbury

A-         VOB

Very bright and colourful capture of this concert, Bernadette is exquisite, as always 

Anyone Can Whistle    Ravinia    2005

Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald, Michael Cerveris, Ray Wills, Jerry Galante, David Mendes

A++         VOB

A clear and colourful capture of this rarely seen Sondheim gem, a top notch cast 

Anyone Can Whistle    2010 Encores

Sutton Foster, Raul Ésparza, Donna Murphy

A+        VOB

A great capture of this quirky Sondheim gem, Closeups are infrequent and the angle is a little steep

Assassins   1991  Off-Broadway

Debra Monk, Victor Garber, Terrence Mann, Patrick Cassidy,  Jonathan Hadary, Annie Golden

B-      VOB

A colourful but very hazy capture, shot from a fairly steep angle with some obstruction 

Assassins    April 2004 Broadway Revival

Michael Cerveris, Neil Patrick Harris, Alexander Gemignani, Becky Ann Baker, Mark Kudisch

A-        AVI

Neil Patrick Harris rocks this show, great chance to see the Zapruder moment at the end of the show

Assassins   5.29.04   Broadway

Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Cerveris, Becky Ann Baker, Alexander Gemignani, Mark Kudisch

A+       VOB

Darker, but crisper capture of the show, called the best revival of any Sondheim show 

Bounce    Kennedy Center     10.25.05

Gavin Creel, Richard Kind, Howard McGillin, Michelle Pawk, Jane Powell

B++     VOB

A hazy and slightly washed out capture of this incarnation of Sondheim's latest show

1993 Reunion Concert

Elaine Stritch, Patti LuPone, Original Broadway Cast 

A-      VOB

Elaine Stritch is washed out, but superb and the five minutes of Patti Lupone at the beginning are priceless

Company    Donmar Warehouse    1996 Revival

Adrian Lester, Sheila Gish, Anna Francolini, Sophie Thompson, Clive Rowe, Clare Burt, Gareth Snook

PRO       AVI

A very retro production of this show with a great performance from Adrian

Company    Kennedy Center    2002

John Barrowman, Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Lynn Redgrave, Matt Bogart

A+           VOB 

A little fuzzy, very watchable and a very innovative take on a classic, with hilarious performances

Company   2006 Broadway Revival    Final Show

Raul Ésparza, Barbara Walsh, Heather Laws, Angel Desai, Elisabeth Stanley, Robert Cunningham


An outstanding capture, incredible audience response for the final performance

Follies   Original London Production   1987

Julia McKenzie, Diana Rigg, Daniel Massey, David Healy, Dolores Gray, Gillian Bevan

B         VOB

Obviously dated footage, but with legendary performances, the oldest bootleg I've seen

Seattle    1995 

Judy Kaye, Constance Towers, Walter Charles, John-Charles Kelly, Karen Morrow, Brian D'Arcy James

A+     VOB

A beautifully colourful and clear capture of a great production

1998   Papermill Playhouse

Donna McKechnie, Dee Hoty, Laurence Guittard, Ann Miller, Tony Roberts, Kaye Ballard, Michael Gruber

A+        MP4            SEEKING VOB

A beautiful production of this masterpiece, Dee Hoty makes a terrific Phyllis, Donna is also on top form

2001 Broadway Revival 

Polly Bergen, Blythe Danner, Judith Ivey, Gregory Harrison, Kelli O'Hara


A good capture of this production, with some shining performances, masterful delivery from Polly Bergen

Follies   2006   Landor Theatre UK

Adele Anderson, Claire Moore, Sarah Payne, Leo Andrew, Bryan Kennedy

PRO       VOB

A great re-imagining in an intimate venue, semi pro shot on two cameras

Follies   2007    City Center Encores!

Victoria Clark, Donna Murphy, Christine Baranski, Victor Garber, Colin Donnell, Michael McGrath

A++        VOB

Some obstruction and washout, great performances, great to see Donna's 'Could I leave you' 

Follies      2011       Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

Caroline O'Conor, Hollis Resnik, Susan Moniz, Brent Barrett, Robert Petkoff 

A++      VOB

A clear enough, though slightly dark capture of this glorious sounding production 

Follies    5.11.11    Kennedy Center

Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Elaine Paige, Ron Raines, Danny Burstein, Terri White, Linda Lavin

A+        VOB

No obstruction, less crisp and with fewer closeups, Elaine flubs her lyrics in 'I'm still here' 

Follies    5.28.11     Kenned
y Center

Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Elaine Paige, Ron Raines, Danny Burstein, Linda Lavin, Terri White

A+++     VOB

Just get this video! Seriously! Absolutely outstanding, brilliant capture of outstanding performances 

Follies    9.18.11     Broadway

Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Elaine Paige, Ron Raines, Danny Burstein, Terri White, Mary Beth Peil

A++++   VOB

The sharpest and most vivid capture of this show yet, a true gem, constantly clear and crisp

Follies  12.06.11   Broadway

Bernadette Peters, Jan Maxwell, Elaine Paige, Ron Raines, Danny Burstein, Terri White, Mary Beth Peil

A+++++++   VOB

High definition quality, unobstructed and always following the action closely, a perfect capture 

Follies    6.2.12    Los Angeles

Victoria Clark, Ron Raines, Jan Maxwell, Danny Burstein, Elaine Paige, Terri White, Jayne Houdyshell

A++++++    VOB

Another outstanding HD capture of this show, consistently unobstructed and glorious 


The Frogs    6.25.04     Lincoln Center

Nathan Lane, Chris Kattan, Burke Moses, Peter Bartlett, Daniel Davis, Michael Siberry

A           VOB

Some obstructions, not always clear, but otherwise a solid capture of an entertaining show

The Frogs   8.31.04     Lincoln Center

Nathan Lane, Roger Bart, Francesca Harper, Peter Bartlett, Pia C. Glenn, John Byner 

B+           VOB

An inferior capture to the above, but featuring Roger Bart as replacement after Chris Kattan was fired 

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Nathan Lane, Mary Testa, Jim Stanek, Jessica Boevers

B++       VOB

Very colourful and watchable production, with a lot of washout and very brief obstruction

 1989    Broadway Revival

Tyne Daly, Christa Moore, Jonathan Hadary, Tracy Venner, Robert Lambert

A       VOB

A colourful and unobstructed capture with a masterful performance from Daly, surprisingly good capture 


Gypsy    1998    Papermill Playhouse

Betty Buckley, Laura Bell Bundy, Deborah Gibson, Jana Robbins, Joe Machota

A+    VOB

A colourful, if somewhat hazy capture of Buckley's intense and forceful Rose

Gypsy    2003 Broadway Revival

Bernadette Peters, Tammy Blanchard, Kate Reinders, David Burtka, Julie Halston, Chandra Lee Schwartz

A++     VOB

A very crisp and bright capture, great to see Bernadette's vulnerable take on Rose


Gypsy      Encores!      2007 

Patti LuPone, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Boyd Gaines, Tony Yazbeck, Alison Fraser

A++         VOB

A brilliant capture of a fantastic, semi-staged early version of this revival

Gypsy   Broadway Revival    3.25.08

Patti LuPone, Laura Benanti, Boyd Gaines, Leigh Ann Larkin, Nancy Opel, Tony Yazbeck

A+++       VOB

THE production of Gypsy, with tony award winning
portrayals and a capture that does them justice

Gypsy    Broadway Revival    4.5.08

Patti LuPone, Laura Benanti, Boyd Gaines, Leigh Ann Larkin, Alison Fraser, Tony Yazbeck

A       VOB

A great capture of this great revival, Patti and Laura are great, with some more obstructions

Into the Woods     San Diego Tryout     1986

Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien, Barbra Bryne, Ellen Foley, LuAnne Ponce, John Cunningham

A-        VOB

Slightly discoloured, but crisp capture of the premier of this fantastic show, brilliant for its age!

Into the Woods   Original Broadway Cast   1991

Joanna Gleason, Bernadette Peters, Chip Zien, Robert Westenburg, Kim Crosby, Danielle Ferland

PRO       AVI 

A masterpiece with a perfect cast, a must have

Into the Woods   1989   First National Tour

Cleo Laine, Chuck Wagner, Douglas Sills, Mary Gordon Murray, Kathleen Rowe McAllen

B++     VOB

A clear, colourful but hazy capture of the brief first national tour on its Los Angeles stop

Into the Woods    
OBC Reunion Concert

Joanna Gleason, Bernadette Peters, Chip Zien, Ben Wright, Kim Crosby, Danielle Ferland

A++     VOB

Highlights from the first act only, truly fantastic footage of a legendary cast 

Into the Woods    OBC Reunion Concert    1997

Joanna Gleason, Bernadette Peters, Chip Zien, Ben Wright, Kim Crosby, Danielle Ferland

B+     VOB 

An occasionally obstructed, aged and fuzzy capture of the concert in its entirety 


Into the Woods   Broadway    4.13.02

Vanessa Williams, Christopher Sieber, Laura Benanti, Molly Ephraim, John McMartin, Kerry O'Malley

A+        VOB

A very innovative interpretation of this classic musical, a clear and strong capture


Into the Woods    
Broadway    5.16.02

Vanessa Williams, Christopher Sieber, Laura Benanti, Molly Ephraim, John McMartin, Kerry O'Malley

A+       VOB

A sharper and crisper, but more obstructed and cut short recording of this revival 


Into the Woods     

Hunter Foster, Beth Leavel, Jennifer Cody, Brynn O'Malley

A++      VOB

A crisp and colourful capture of a Sondheim masterpiece, traditional and beautiful

Into the Woods   Delacorte Theatre   7/29/12

Donna Murphy, Jessie Mueller, Amy Adams, Dennis O'Hare, Chip Zien, Gideon Glick, Sarah Stiles

A+++   VOB

Shot from the side, a stunning HD capture of this vibrant and original revival of the show

Little Night Music   National Theatre Revival

Dame Judi Dench, Sian Phillips, Joanna Riding, Laurence Guittard, Patricia Hodge


Highlights from this incredibly lavish production, a visual spectacle and a wonderful leading lady

A Little Night Music    2000    North Shore Theatre

Donna Mckechnie, Jeff McCarthy, Merle Louise, Chuck Wagner, Diana Canova, Natasha Ashworth

PRO      VOB

Proshot with multiple cameras on a round stage, Donna is fabulous as Desiree

A Little Night Music   Ravinia Festival 2002

Patti LuPone, George Hearn, Sara Ramirez, Marc Kudisch, Zoe Caldwell

A           VOB

Fantastic performances from this stellar cast, a strong capture

A Little Night Music   2002 Kennedy Center

Blair Brown, Douglas Sills, Kristen Bell, Barbara Bryne, John Dossett

A+     VOB

A sharp and colourful capture, with little washout or obstruction

A Little Night Music  2003 New York City Opera

Jeremy Irons, Juliet Stevenson, Claire Bloom, Jessica Boevers, Mark Kudisch

B       VOB

A fairly dark capture of this production, with some nice zooms and very well acted performances

A Little Night Music   2008 West End Revival

Hannah Waddingham, Maureen Lipman, Alexander Hanson, Jessie Buckley, Kelly Price, Kaisa Hammarlund  

A+++     VOB

Flawless capture, gorgeous production, perfect cast 

A Little Night Music   2010 Broadway Revival

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angela Lansbury, Alexander Hanson, Leigh Ann Larkin

A+         VOB

Very much looking down on the stage, but a great production, Lansbury and Zeta Jones are terrific

A Little Night Music   Broadway   7.4.10

Bernadette Peters, Elaine Stritch, Alexander Hanson, Erin Davie, Aaron Lazaar

A+        VOB

Crisper quality to the above, but with some more obstructions, Bernadette is adorable

Merrily we Roll Along   Original Broadway Cast

Lonny Price, Ann Morrison, Jim Walton, Terry Finn, Sally Klein, Tonya Pinkins, Liz Callaway 

B+    VOB

Great colour, but a lot of washout, a very watchable capture of the original broadway production

Merrily we Roll Along   OBC Reunion   9.30.02

Jim Walton, Lonny Price, Ann Morrison, Liz Callaway, Jason Alexander

A++        VOB

An excellent, clear and bright capture of this excellent cast of this gem of a show in concert 


Merrily we Roll Along   
edy Center 2002

Raul Ésparza, Michael Hayden, Miriam Shor, Emily Skinner 

A+        VOB

Crisp capture of a great show, an improved version of the musical, Raul and Miriam are great

Merrily we Roll Along     Encores 2012

Colin Donnell, Celia Keenan Bolger, Lin Manuel Miranda, Betsy Wolfe, Elizabeth Stanley 

A++       VOB

A clear and crisp capture of a brilliant concert version of the show, vocally brilliant and gorgeous 

Passion   Original London Cast   1996

Michael Ball, Maria Friedman, Helen Hobson

B+      AVI

Just under two hours of highlights from the original Landon production, with a haunting performance from Maria 

Passion     Kennedy Center     2002

Judy Kuhn, Michael Cerveris, Rebecca Luker

A+      VOB

A slightly dark capture of this beautiful production, though this is very appropriate


Passion      Off-Broadway     2013

Melissa Errico, Judy Kuhn, Aaron Silverman

A+++     VOB

A stunningly beautiful capture of this incredibly ornate, lush production 


Sondheim on Sondheim   Broadway

Vanessa Williams, Barbara Cook, Tom Wopat, Norm Lewis, Leslie Kritzer, Erin Mackey

A         VOB

Few closeups, some obstruction, great capture of staging, fantastically talented cast

Sunday in the Park with George  OBC

Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters, Barbara Bryne, Robert Westenberg

PRO      AVI

Fantastic production, Mandy and Bernadette are a perfect pair, a very profound and abstract show

Sunday in the Park with George  Kennedy Center

Raul Ésparza, Melissa Errico, Florence Lacey, Linda Stephens

A++    VOB

A slightly grainy, but very colourful and completely unobstructed capture

Sunday in the Park With George  2008 Broadway

Daniel Evans, Jenna Russell, Alexander Gemignani, Mary Beth Peil 

A+++       VOB

Visually stunning, an amazing capture of a fantastic revival, superb leading performances


Sunday in the Park with George  
Chicago  11.14.12

Jason Danieley, Carmen Cusack, Linda Stephens, Heidi Kettenring, Rachel Cantor, Mckinley Carter

A++++    VOB

A perfect capture of this outstanding Chicago production 


Sunday in the Park with George  
2013 Paris

Julian Ovenden, Sophie Louise-Dann, Rebecca de Pont Davies, Francesca Jackson, Beverly Klein 

PRO       VOB

A beautiful capture of a spectacular production, the leads and the show are magnificent

Sweeney Todd   Original Broadway Cast

Angela Lansbury, Len Cariou, Victor Garber, Ken Jennings

B++         VOB

Obvious discoloration, minimal spotlight washout, few closeups but overall a surprisingly good capture


Sweeney Todd   Broadway

Dorothy Loudon, George Hearn, Ken Jennings

B+       AVI              SEEKING VOB LINKS

Darker than the above, with more colour and less washout, Dorothy is a fantastic Mrs. Lovett!

Sweeney Todd   First National Tour 1982

George Hearn, Angela Lansbury

PRO      AVI

Innovative staging, first class performances, an exquisite capture of this Sondheim masterpiece

Sweeney Todd  Los Angeles Concert

George Hearn, Patti LuPone, Victoria Clark, Neil Patrick Harris, Lisa Vroman

PRO      AVI

In turn hilarious and dark, a fantastic concert, Neil, Patti and George are absolutely perfect in their roles 

Sweeney Todd    Kennedy Center

Brian Stokes Mitchell, Christine Baranski, Hugh Panaro, Celia Keenan Bolger, Mary Beth Peil

B+      VOB

Highlights only, occasionally at an odd angle, but Christine is fantastic

Sweeney Todd   Kennedy Center  6.14.02

Brian Stokes Mitchell, Jane Pesci-Townsend (u/s), Hugh Panaro, Celia Keenan Bolger, Mary Beth Peil, Mark Price

A-          VOB

Rather fuzzy, but a strong production, great staging, Jane is a fantastic understudy

Sweeney Todd     New Y
ork City Opera    3.6.04

Elaine Paige, Tim Nolen, Judith Blazer

A+       VOB

The sound is more jumbled than the below capture but with brighter colour and from a less harsh angle

Sweeney Todd   New York City Opera    3.11.04

Elaine Paige, Mark Delavan, Judith Blazer


Shot very much from the upper left side of the circle, Mark is a stronger Sweeney, picture is sharper


Sweeney Todd     
2005 Broadway Revival

Patti LuPone, Michael Cerveris, Alexander Gemignani

A+++       VOB

A dark, morbid vision of Sweeney Todd, a typical Doyle production

Sweeney Todd      
2006    UK Tour

Jason Donovan, Harriet Thorpe, Oliver Beamish, Gemma Page, Peter Head, Joanna Hickman

B       VOB

Stationary camera throughout, perfect audio however, some spotlight washout also 

Sweeney Todd   Paris   5.2.11

Caroline O'Connor, Rod Gilfry, Rebecca Bottone, Nicholas Garrett, Jonathan Best

A++        VOB

A lavish and grand production mounted at the Theatre Du Chatelet, in English, Caroline is a superb Mrs. Lovett 

West Side Story   2008 DC Revival

Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Matt Cavenaugh

A +      VOB

Perfect mixture of closeups for the fierce emotion of Olivo and wide shots for elaborate dance scenes 


West Side Story   UK Tour    

Daniel Koek, Sofia Escobar/Hazel Gardener, Jayde Westaby, Dan Burton, Edd Post

A+       VOB

Some amazing closeups, occasional blur and obstruction, great vocals, contains some footage from another performance